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Digital Support Partner

Digital Support Partner

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Support Plan

The Digital Support Plan is designed to empower and provide peace of mind to business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in managing their digital tools and presence. This monthly subscription includes:

  1. Growth (£45/month):
    • 30 minutes of one-to-one sessions each month for personalised tech support.
    • Hands-on assistance with basic website issues and DNS management.
    • Solutions to automate tasks.
  2. Bloom (£95/month):
    • 1 hour of one-to-one sessions monthly for more in-depth tech support.
    • Assistance with website troubleshooting, SEO and Analytics.
    • Custom solutions for task automation and efficiency.
  3. Blossom (£125/month):
    • 1 hour of one-to-one sessions bi-weekly for comprehensive, personalised tech assistance.
    • Priority support for website issues, DNS management, and complex technical tasks.
    • Tailored strategies for streamlining and enhancing digital operations.
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